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Our Early Childhood Program (Preschool & Kindergarten) have been expanded to include more options for your schedule and your budget.

We've expanded our Early Childhood Program


3 Day

5 Day

Waldorf Morning (8am - 12pm)



2:45 PM Pick Up



4:15 PM Pick Up



5:30 PM Pick Up



Full-day Program
(8am to 5:30pm)

$19,349 (3 days)
$26,709 (5 days)

Waldorf Program

(8am to noon)

$10,350 (3 days)

$15,435 (5 days)

Mornings until

(8am to 2:45pm)

$15,960 (3 days)

$21,060 (5 days)

Mornings until
late afternoon 

(8am to 4:15pm)

$17,809 (3 days)

$24,141 (5 days)

Our expanded Early Childhood Program now offers options with increased flexibility for your family’s schedule. The Full-Day Program includes Waldorf Education in the mornings and play-based care in the afternoons, all set in a nurturing home-like environment.

We’ve designed our program to foster a healthy & balanced whole-child education that supports intellectual, emotional, and physical development: daily outdoor activities & adventures, ample creative play, and practical activities such as baking, woodworking, storytelling—with consistent daily & weekly rhythms that ensure a sense of security and well-being.

Read more about our Preschool (ages 3-4) and Kindergarten (ages 4-6) programs, or learn about our Educational Philosophy & Core Values.

Next steps

  1. Apply using our TADS portal (this will open in a new browser window)

  2. Schedule time for your family to meet with the Admissions Team and our Early Childhood staff. 

  3. Join our learning community when you decide to enroll with ECS.


  • Your child must be three years old by 1 September 2023 and potty trained.

  • Financial Aid is available for qualifying students.

  • Snacks (organic & vegetarian) are provided; children with allergies will be accommodated in conjunction with parent support.

Have older children? We are still accepting applications for Elementary, Middle, and High School through Grade 11.  

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