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High School & Home School Enrichment Program for Ages 14 – 18

The essence of human nature is to strive. Two things are necessary to awaken this innate human force:  to see that there is a greater potential within reach, and to be genuinely supported in this endeavor.

Our children are growing up in a time of unprecedented change. The speed and breadth of the technological transformation of civilization, with all of its implications, creates new challenges and opportunities for a humanity-in-development to navigate. With new cultural, economic, and political thresholds to cross, how will our educational system respond to the call-to-transform? 

When Eastside Community School developed the vision for educating children aged 14-18, we removed all constraints from our imagination and developed a program intended to educate the whole child. This freed us to individualize the student experience with a flexible schedule where educational blocks of varying length could be employed with fluid programming. By forming as a Homeschool Enrichment Program, we remain fluid and flexible in helping students to meet individualized goals. By forming a partnership with a WA state-approved umbrella school, students can also receive official credits, transcripts, and, if all graduation requirements are met, a high school diploma through our partner school for work done in our program. 

Helping the students to find and achieve their destiny is the basis and inspiration for our program. We take direction from the individual human beings before us who are caught in the midst of the polarities of the world process and his or her own striving to evolve according to the ideal of their own higher nature. 

Eastside Community School offers an educational experience within the setting of a full school day.

Photo courtesy of Sasha Clement ©2021 All rights reserved. 

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