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We educate our students to fulfill their highest potential—think clearly, feel deeply, impart meaningful purpose to their lives, and actively contribute to the positive development of society.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Eastside Community School, we believe that every child comes into the world with a unique and very personal journey. With a broad, rich, and diverse curriculum and specially trained teachers, we support the development of our students—ethically, intellectually, socially, physically, spiritually, and artistically. By understanding, respecting, and nurturing each distinct phase of childhood, we inspire a genuine, lifelong love of learning. Because our students cultivate a wide range of capacities while developing their academic skills, they emerge with the freedom to think and act—confident in themselves, their path, and their place in the world.

Our Core Values


At the most basic level, we believe that the world is good and beautiful. The qualities we cultivate in our students and community reflect a positive, hope-filled approach to education. Working as a team is embraced, while we honor our differences and individuality.

A Human Connection

Students, parents, faculty—as human beings we are social beings. As a learning community, we invest in long-term relationships between your family and ours. Just as our students learn to thrive and interact in complex social settings, so do we share a commitment to resolving differences. We affirm the human values of mutual respect, courtesy, cooperation, and service.

Hard Work and Joy

Everyone has areas in which they excel and in which they struggle. We encourage students to work diligently and persevere, even in those areas of study that do not come easily; thus our students are able to experience both the joy of ease and the joy of accomplishment.

Learning Imbued with the Arts

When students feel deeply about a subject, they internalize learning rather than simply memorizing information for the short term. This is why we believe it is important for students to use the fine and practical arts throughout their studies, which enables them to explore the breadth of human feelings and express them through writing, drama, music, drawing, and painting.

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