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Nurturing the Treasure of Imagination


The kindergarten experience at Eastside Community School is devoted to nurturing the most precious aspect of early childhood: imagination. In a mixed-age classroom, children sing songs, learn poems, perform puppet plays, and take part in circle games—all helping attune them to the beauty of language as their imaginations flourish.

As they begin to awaken their sense of taste, sight, beauty and purpose, they are met with aligned activities such as baking bread, drawing, and painting. We carefully select classroom toys and tools made from natural materials such as wood, silk, or beeswax, that appeal to the sense of touch and help foster a reverence for nature. Children enjoy both movement and nature during outside play, walks, and gardening.

Because our kindergarten includes a mix of preschool and kindergarten age children, plus regular weekly interaction with children in our preschool, our kindergarten students enjoy participating in a variety of social groups and rites of passage. When they act as helpers and role models for the younger children, they develop qualities that will serve them well throughout life.

Regular parent evenings are held throughout the school year for parents to ask questions, share resources, and explore the foundations of an early childhood experience inspired by Waldorf education. Private annual conferences offer parents time to discuss their child’s development in depth with the teacher.

Golden Eagle Program


The Golden Eagle program for children in their sixth year is a special rite of passage designed especially for them. In preparation for first grade, Golden Eagle children participate in activities that help to ready them in body, mind and spirit for the initial experience of growing into a grade school classroom. In addition to their regular early childhood program, our Golden Eagle children attend one day per week with a teacher who leads them through extra-long hikes, tells inspiring stories, brings challenging projects, and develops the capacities that support them in stamina, patience, attention, memory and dexterity. We recognize that these skills can contribute to a child’s ability to successfully receive the beautiful first grade curriculum ahead, as well as creating a most memorable time with classmates that will build camaraderie in advance of the forming of the first grade class community.



Class Sessions

Three-day and five-day options available, with choice of morning program or extended day.

School Hours
Morning program 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.; Extended day 12:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.
Start and end times may vary from year to year. 

For children four to six. Children as young as three may be accepted in the Kindergarten class, pending teachers’ assessment.

Class Size
Up to 20 children, 2 teachers

Food Provided
Snack: organic and vegetarian. Children with allergies will be accommodated in conjunction with parent support.

After-School Care
Available from dismissal time until 5:30 p.m. for an additional hourly fee. 

Note: After-School Care is available for extended day students. There is no After-School Care for morning program students.

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