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We've expanded our Early Childhood Program

Our Early Childhood Program (Preschool & Kindergarten) have been expanded to include more options for your schedule and your budget.

3 days a week

Early Childhood Programs

5 days a week


Waldorf Education Morning Program
8am - 12pm





Full Day Program





Have older children? We're still accepting applications for in Elementary, Middle, and High School through Grade 11.  

[Value proposition title]

[brief & concise description of how your child and you will benefit from an ECS experience (e.g. whole child education, ready for elementary, etc. with links to our philosophy), and high-level of how we achieve that (e.g. outdoor time, indoor crafts, small classes, nurturing environment, etc. including links to EC Overview, Preschool, and Kindergarten programs ]

  1. Apply using our TADS portal (this will open in a new browser window)

  2. Schedule time for your family to meet with our Early Childhood staff. 

  3. Join our learning community when you decide to enroll with ECS.

Next steps


  • Your child must be three years old by 1 September 2023 and potty trained.

  • September birthdays will be evaluated on an individual basis.

  • After-School Care is available for Full Day students—there is no After-School Care for Morning Program students.

  • Financial Aid is available for qualifying students.

  • Snacks (organic & vegetarian) are provided; children with allergies will be accommodated in conjunction with parent support. 

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