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Financial Aid

Eastside Community School (ECS) believes that any qualified student who can benefit from attending ECS should not refrain from applying for admission solely due to potential lack of financial resources. To the extent that our funds permit, financial aid is available to qualified students whose parents demonstrate financial need through the financial aid application process.


How to Apply


ECS uses TADS, a web-based system, to facilitate the financial aid process. Review the Financial Aid Application Instructions and complete the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) via the Financial Aid Family Portal. TADS uses the same platform with SSS, so if you have submitted an SSS PFS for another school, you can add our school’s partner code, 200356, to your existing PFS.


Financial Aid Family Portal 🔗

  • New families should not submit their financial aid application (PFS) until after they have been accepted to Eastside Community School. Financial aid applications are due within 2 weeks of submitting an enrollment agreement. Please indicate that you are requesting financial aid when submitting your enrollment agreement.

  • Returning families should complete the financial aid application (PFS) by the date communicated by the school during the re-enrollment period.

Support & Reference Documents




If you aren’t sure how to complete your PFS, a great place to begin the process is the SSS/TADS Website for Parents and Families.


To get answers to specific questions or for other assistance with the process please contact the Family Portal Support Center at (800) 344-8328 or via email.


If you have questions about the overall process, contact Janine Cleland by sending an email or calling 425-598-2914.

What is financial aid?

Financial aid provides need-based assistance for tuition to students who qualify through the financial aid application process. Financial need is defined as the difference between a family’s resources and ability to contribute toward the cost of education and the cost of tuition. All awards are made in the form of grants, which are not repaid to the school.

ECS uses TADS Financial Aid Assessment (TADS FA) as the foundation for the financial aid process. TADS FA relies upon a standard methodology to assess the resources available to a family to contribute toward a child’s educational expenses.

How much does it cost to apply?

When you complete your TADS PFS online, you will be asked to pay $55 regardless of the number of schools to which you apply. The TADS FA platform offers financial assistance for the application fee for families who meet certain established financial criteria. If you meet those criteria, the system will waive the fee when you submit your application.

Should our family apply for financial aid?

Eastside Community School, like most independent schools, believes that a family holds primary responsibility for financing their child’s education to the extent they are able. We also believe that families should consider utilizing all available resources before applying for financial aid. We expect that families will take the time to realistically assess their financial situation and determine how much they can afford to pay. With this determination in mind, the family can decide whether or not to apply for aid.

A good rule of thumb is: if in doubt, apply. It costs very little, and because so many factors are considered, it is always worth going through the process. It is important to understand that there is no specific income level at which a family will not qualify for financial aid.

How do I start the TADS FA process?

Go to the Financial Aid Family Portal and either sign in or create an account. Complete a PFS for the appropriate academic year. You will need to indicate Eastside Community School’s partner code in order to make your application visible to us. Our partner code is 200356.

What are the school's priorities in terms of who receives aid?

Financial aid is awarded in the following priority order by category of student:

  • Families currently enrolled at ECS,

  • New students who have been admitted to the school.

In addition, ECS strives to allocate funds across classes and at levels that help to meet enrollment goals and support socio-economic diversity throughout the school.

How is our family's financial need determined?

The process of determining a family’s financial need begins with TADS FA processing the information you provide according to a standard methodology to assess the resources your family has available to contribute toward your student’s educational expenses. The result of this evaluation is released to Eastside Community School, as well as to any other schools to which you are applying for aid. You can also request that a copy of this report be sent to you. Some factors that TADS FA takes into consideration include: income (both taxable and nontaxable), assets (home equity, savings, investments, etc.), expenses, indebtedness, family size, age of parents/guardians (to allow for retirement savings), and the number of students attending tuition-charging schools.

What happens if our child has assets?

The financial assets that a child has will be taken into consideration by TADS FA. That amount will be divided by the number of years the student has left in school through four-year college and added to the parental contribution for education. The sum of both the parent(s) and the student contributions equals the recommended family contribution for education.

What happens after TADS FA has completed its evaluation?

The ECS Financial Aid Committee will review the family’s submitted PFS, the TADS calculation of Estimated Family Contribution, and any other information we may request from the family. The committee may adjust the TADS estimated family contribution based on information provided by the family, school financial aid policies, and the availability of funds. The adjusted family contribution will then be subtracted from the tuition costs for the year in order to determine a family’s financial aid grant.

Will our family receive the difference between the cost of tuition and what my Report of Family Contribution says we can contribute?

Not entirely. We require that every family contribute financially toward tuition. And, because there is more demand for financial aid than available school funds, we cannot meet 100% of determined need. We hope that by providing support for a substantial percentage of a family’s financial need, more students will be able to attend Eastside Community School.

Who will see the information provided by TADS FA to the school?

All records and correspondence regarding financial aid are held in strict confidence. Information will be reviewed only by those persons directly involved in the financial aid decision-making process or in its administration (Business Office staff and the Administrator).

Can you consider our application for financial aid if we have not provided all the information requested?

No. Financial aid to a family cannot be awarded if the application is incomplete. We will attempt to advise you if we have not received all materials needed prior to considering your application, to give you an opportunity to submit the remaining materials. The sooner you provide all necessary information to complete your application, the sooner ECS can evaluate your need for financial aid.

Do we have other options if our family's full need is not met?

We offer a monthly payment plan that may help make payments easier on your family’s budget. Your banking institution can also provide you with information about low-interest educational loan programs. You should also look for other forms of financial assistance that may be available through your place of employment, community organizations, local foundations or extended family.

How are my financial status and ability to pay evaluated if I am separated or divorced?

Eastside Community School believes that the primary responsibility for paying for a child’s education rests with both parents. Financial aid is not based on the willingness to pay, but on the ability to pay. Therefore, all parents/guardians must submit a PFS. In families where one or both parents are remarried or have a domestic partner, their financial information is taken into consideration as well. The determination of need is made based on the combined ability of all parents/guardians to pay for tuition.

If our child receives financial aid for one year, will our child automatically receive aid each of the following years?

No. Family and school circumstances can change from year to year and therefore, we need current and accurate information each year. All families seeking financial aid must reapply each school year.

Are students who receive financial aid treated differently than other students?

No. Expectations with regard to academic performance, behavior, and all other aspects of school life are the same for all students, regardless of whether the student is receiving financial aid or not.  Furthermore, teachers and staff are not informed of students whose families benefit from financial aid. Please be assured that all financial aid matters are handled with the highest level of discretion.

Will my child's admission be affected if we apply for financial aid?

No. Admission decisions and financial aid decisions are made independently. The financial aid team does not complete its review of a financial aid application until the Business Office has been advised that a student will be admitted by the Admissions Committee.

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